SMDM(Service Master Data Management)

Healthcare provider has extremely complex and unique data governance and compliance requirements towards service master data.  For organizations that operate at a national or international level, ensuring compliance and mitigating the risk of legal liabilities is costly and time consuming. The challenge arises from various quarters between Consultants, Nursing staff,  Billing managers, Finance and Operations team owing to specific departmental needs. Consensus based gold quality unique service master data would improve:


  • Redundant free service master
  • Operational efficiency
  • Better Financial visibility and control and avoid revenue leakage.
  • Improved compliance reporting
  • Analytics enabled service master capability for digital

Grihasoft Services: 

  • Service Master Consolidation
  • On going data quality management (MDM) of Service Master

Grihasoft SMDM can help large healthcare organizations navigate this unpredictable landscape in several important ways: Define internal policies for requests, data retention, and audits. Outgoing data with specific requirements.

Grihasoft’s SMDM handling of structured services has some unique requirements include following steps.


  • Standardization of service description nomenclature
  • Rationalization of service entity under the respective hierarchy
    (service types, department, sub department)
  • Rationalization of structural hierarchies for service master

Consolidation of services following service name rationalization, identification, and removal of redundancies. Assignment of international classification nomenclature like SNOMED / LOINCS standards. Grihasoft’s SMDM will ensure Service master data and affiliate’s data sync in real time to give organizations access to a single, trustworthy source of data across complex networks of different HIS and ERP systems across the hospitals.