Item Master Data

Item masters are moving targets because health care continually evolves. Contracts are updated, vendors and business are merged, and distributors change. New vendor or product line evolves and also health system needs to be updated to face all relevant challenges it may face.

Health systems need to incorporate a proactive data cleansing approach that includes, at a specified period. Item masters are not a one-and-done concept. Left unattended, the item master will once again become out of date and full of errors.

Maintaining material master data is very challenging and ongoing efforts demanding robust procedures in place to ensure seamless integration of material identity uniqueness across the systems and at the point of usage. Otherwise it leads to duplicates proliferation in the system, resulting in excess, obsolete, delayed supplies due to incomplete information in the catalogue etc.

In the master data maintenance process any updates, edits, addition, deletion, etc would flow through request, validation, expert information gathering, authorized review and approval process, ensuring clean, accurate and consistent master data in the entire system and avoid any data redundancy in the material management process.

To maintain accuracy and sanctity of the item master, Grihasoft is providing master data management services to its clients for over a decade now. It understands the necessary functions and the methods to keep the data as pristine and error free.