Transactional Data Validation

Transactional data is the information required to complete a specific transaction. It plays an huge role in supply chain initiatives. The level of detail required in purchase datasets depends on the organization requirement.

Grihasoft is well versed in identifying the individual components of the transactional data which include the item identifier like catalog number, Manufacturer name at the child level and identifying the vendor details like Vendor name and vendor specific catalog number. Another most important component is the availability of the item in different UOM and multipliers called as packaging string.

A packaging string shows the hierarchy of units that represent how an item is packaged when shipped or used by an organization. A packaging string represents the UOMs involved with transactions for an item. It is possible for one or more items to share the same packaging string. Also, Grihasoft understands the concept of GTIN and will provide GTIN data for the packaging string components. Grihasoft also understand the nuances of these details and will help in the organization in getting relevant details and update Master data with most up to date and accurate information.