Item Master Enrichment

An item master is an organized collection of all relevant information specific to a product. Item masters are typically located within a company’s ERP system. Item masters can be quite comprehensive; they should contain all relevant piece of information that would need to inform decisions pertaining to the product. For any large Hospitals and GPO’s whose major activity include supply chain and buying and selling of products, item masters are very much important and may be termed as a DNA for the company.

A healthy supply chain begins with a healthy item master, and many of a Hospital or GPO supply chain processes starts with the item master. Any Error creeping into the Item master will be costly, resulting in increased costs and expenses and inefficient management, among other shortcomings. Tool to profile suppliers (market segmentation) and helps to determine the true view of Spend composition.

The supply chain integration process in the healthcare sector has got unique challenges which shall require world class quality data in the organizational material management system. Hence Catalog content management is an absolutely key area to the success of eProcurement, spend analysis and inventory management initiatives.

Grihasoft has an excellent track record of over 20 years in providing Healthcare Item Master Solutions to the industry.

Whom do we work with?


  • eProcurement/EAM Implementation Companies
  • GPOs
  • Hospitals
  • Healthcare Manufacturers
  • Supply Chain Integrators
  • Pharmacies
  • Life Science Companies


Healthcare Item Master Solutions