Material Data Cleansing

“Cleaned data is a valuable asset to the Organization and uncleansed data lead to incorrect decisions”.

Cleaned and accurate item descriptions help to maximize the ROI of the technology investments made by the Organization. Data cleansing is a vital exercise when organizations take decisions to upgrade their ERP or move from one ERP to another ERP. System Integrators focus more on the business functions like Purchasing, Finance, Procurement, Operations etc. The responsibility of providing cleaned unique data lies with the Organization.

Grihasoft specializes in doing Data Cleansing activity to various ERPs. Grihasoft follows a robust and time-tested process developed over its 20+ years of experience. It suits various industry specific guidelines.

What activities are carried out as Data Cleansing?

Grihasoft refers to the input data file provided by customer and do these activities:

  • Normalizing the Descriptions
  • Extraction of Manufacturer / Vendor information into separate columns
  • Identifying of Noun & Modifiers
  • Re-ordering the Descriptions in the order of <Noun>,<Modifier>,<Technical Attributes>,<Other information’s>
  • Creating new Short & Long Description to suit the ERP requirements
  • De-duplication of items
How our customers benefit from Data Cleansing and Enrichment?

Reduced costs: Items procured under MRO data is generally one of the most critical categories and highest spend. It is common knowledge that inaccurate data costs companies’ lot of money. Improving the integrity of business data will reduce wasted costs associated with inaccurate information.

Easy discovery: Accurate descriptions equates to improved response rates during searches by end users (in ERP / CRM) that could result in increased revenue. Unified and structured data also curtails maverick Buying.

Saved time: Our clients benefit from their cleansed databases, which saves them time of their resources, so that they could devote more time to their core business activities. Standaradized data leads to decreased timelines in business processes.

Utilization of ERP functions: Better utilization of the functionalities built in ERPs

Customization: Customizing the data requirement to include additional classifications / attributes during migration / implementation stage

De-duplication: Avoid duplicates being carried out and to have unique accurate verified data in the system

With the right combination of technology and experience, Grihasoft focuses on delivering value to customers.