How long has Grihasoft been around and with which industry customers it is working with?

For more than 20 years, we have served clients from sectors such as Oil & Gas, Power, Utilities, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Life Sciences.

Does Grihasoft have any international experience?

We do extensive business in USA, UK, GCC countries, Africa and Australia.

Can I try Grihasoft before committing a critical work? Are you open for a pilot project or a Proof of Concept trial?

We can conduct “Data Health Check” or “Data Profiling” on your master data and provide a detailed report and recommendation. As part of it, we can process a sample data set free of cost and demonstrate you “before and after” result.

I have a time zone difference with India from my location, how do you communicate with me?

We assign a project manager who acts as a single point contact. Our project managers will be available for you to interact in your time zones.

What accreditations and certifications Grihasoft has?

Grihasoft is certified with ISO/IEC 27001:2013 with HIPAA Compliance and ISO 9001:2015  Grihasoft is an active member of many Global content standardization bodies like UNSPSC.

How my IP and rights are protected when I send the work to Grihasoft?

Typically Grihasoft begins the client engagement process with signing of a Non-disclosure agreement. Grihasoft has a policy of “Client owns the content” and its facility is equipped with access control, network security and secured data storage / back-up infrastructure.

Can you provide services both at my site (onsite) and offshore at your Bangalore (India) office?

Yes, we do provide both onsite and offshore services.

Do you follow a complete manual process or an automated process for data solutions?

We follow neither a fully manual process nor a complete automated process. Ours is a semi-automated process wherein we use our proprietary software allowing human interventions and domain related judgments. We follow a process where domain knowledge, automation and innovation are used with right balance.

Why should I choose Grihasoft over other companies?

The growth achieved over the last 20 years is due to the company strengths such as project management, business ethics and flexible approach with its clients/partners. You can also see Why Grihasoft for more details.

What subject matter expertise does Grihasoft has?

Grihasoft has subject matter expertise in MRO(Indirect) related materials & services in the verticals of:

  • O&G (Upstream & Downstream)
  • Energy (Generation & Transmission)
  • Healthcare
  • Life Sciences
  • Metal (Iron & steel)
  • Mining
  • Retail
  • Utilities
  • Manufacturing
Can you provide a specialist consultant / data expert for short-term assignments to work at my location?

Yes, Grihasoft can depute specialist consultant for short term assignments at client location.

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