Master Data Management (MDM)

We help in our clients to deliver a “single version of the truth” of their products and services data to their suppliers, employees and users. We provide expert guidance to share this single version of the truth internally and externally with partners by utilizing.

Our expert MDM practice helps the enterprise to:

  • In aggregation and search of product data using the right system
  • Multidimensional search by enriching the descriptions with keywords
  • In developing and extending the existing taxonomy to cater to various requirements
  • Integrated data repository for Web/print publishing
Grihasoft has expertise in following areas of focus of an MDM implementation:
  • Structuring Data and Taxonomy
  • Internal processes and workflows
  • Data Harmonization across multiple sites
  • Data Distribution and Catalog Management
Our team of MDM experts consists of:
  • MDM functional staff with expertise in SAP, Oracle and IBM MDM
  • Product domain experts and taxonomy specialists
  • API Developers (.NET, Java or COM)
  • Web Designer and portal Specialists
  • Print Publishing specialist (for Print Publishing)


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