Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

It is the whole life optimal management of physical assets of an organization to maximize the value. Grihasoft caters various services to Organization to achieve this.

Building Asset Registry

Going through all documents like PFD, SLD, Schematic, and Layout drawings to identify the assets for tagging and validation

Building Hierarchy

Hierarchy Build will help to identify the connected equipment on the basis of parent child relationship for better plant maintenance work

Functional I.D. Creation

Creating functional ID based on the physical and functional position of the asset helps greatly in better maintenance work planning and also asset performance analysis

Spare Part BOM Creation

Grouping all the Spare parts of Equipment and creating a link between them. This helps procurement to happen smoothly and efficiently.

SPIR Creation

Analyzing and creating interchangeability parts to optimize the inventory. It will give visibility of spare parts across functional groups

Vendor Master & Service Master Creation

Going through all the Vendors and their service offerings to create a Vendor Masters to have access to all vendors and to facilitate negotiations across Vendors for effective cost control

Going through all Services carried out by the Company for specific time period and creating a Master Service list to have better control on the process


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