Data Services

Data Audit

Data Audit is about comprehensive review of existing master data in business systems. Grihasoft performs a rigorous Quantitative and Qualitative analysis of master data. An extensive report is generated with recommendations from our experts.

What happens during Data Audit?

  • Grihasoft identifies data quality problems such as incomplete, inconsistent and irrelevant data
  • We identify and flag potential duplicates that could be subtle and hidden
  • Utilizing Grihasoft’s experience in Master Data Management domain, we recommend scope of improvement and remedies to rectify the issues
  • How our customers benefit from Data Audit?
    An Effective data audit provides granular level of detail on master data and issues within, which are vital for the success of e Procurement initiatives
  • Data Audits helps our clients to understand and scrutinize their own internal business processes which have lead to data issues
  • Improved compliance with internal corporate policies and processes about Data Governance

Data Classification

Grihasoft provides classification services to classify transactions or master data related products and services to well-known global standards such as UNSPSC, [email protected], NAICS, MESC, NIGP, SMD or a proprietary schema.

What happens during Classification?

  • Grihasoft categorizes similar products and services to their respective groups of a given taxonomy

How our customers benefit from Data Classification?

  • A well-planned data classification makes essential data easy to find and retrieve
  • A systematic data classification is the foundation for effective spend analysis
  • Meaningful spend analysis is essential fuel for pursuing supply chain cost reduction efforts

Data Cleansing and Enrichment

“Good data is THE most valuable asset, and bad data could seriously harm the business”

Clean and accurate product descriptions helps to maximizing the ROI of technology investments made by enterprises such as ERPs, CRMs and SRMS. When it comes to eCommerce, it is all about how well a product or a service has been described, and how accurate it is. Grihasoft specializes in creating and cleansing descriptions of products and services as per the technical requirements of various technology platforms (SAP, Oracle EBS, Maximo, Infor etc)

What happens during data cleansing and Enrichment?

During data cleansing, below tasks are done.

  • Description normalization and rationalization using Noun-Modifier pairs
  • Usage of a pertinent data dictionary to describe product and services
  • Duplicate part identification and removal
  • Attribute extraction and population
  • Validations and enhancements done from authorized sources of information

How our customers benefit from Data Cleansing and Enrichment?

Reduced costs: It is common knowledge that inaccurate data costs companies money. Improving the integrity of business data will reduce wasted costs associated with inaccurate information

Easy discovery: Accurate descriptions equates to improved response rates during searches by end users (in ERP / CRM) that could result in increased revenue

Saved time: Our clients benefit from their cleansed databases, which saves them time of their resources, so that they could devote more time to their core business activities


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