damisDAMIS is a web-based, custom designed, Management Information System for the unique requirements of SME’s (trading companies) active in procurement and services of Spare parts.

DAMIS stands for “Dahra–AIS Management Information System“. DAMIS is designed to be a paperless system. It is designed to operate for different companies OR for divisions of the same company at different locations, on a single web based server using a single license of the software for all locations.

DAMIS has below listed features:

  • Spare Parts Sale
  • Repair Management
  • Customer Requirements Management
  • Order Management
  • Shipment Tracking
  • Inventory Management
  • EMS

DAMIS is capable of

  • Quoting and ordering services
  • Creating and tracking of the revisions of all documents created in the system
  • Issuing of alternative quotes to customer
  • Costing and gross margin optimization for delivery terms; Ex-works/DDU/DDP
  • Creating Excel spreadsheets from selected records

Since it is a 100% web-based system, no special software, tools, or plug-ins are required!

DAMIS is owned by AIS-USA, and Grihasoft provides Implementation, Training, Tele-support, Email and chat in customer’s preferred business hours or round the clock.

For more information about DAMIS, and to know how it could help you, please contact us