Grihasoft is a leading provider of product data solutions. We provide a wide range of data optimization services which assist our clients in their inventory optimization, spend analysis, supply chain management and eProcurement initiatives. We work with several companies worldwide in many verticals including Oil & Gas, Manufacturing and Healthcare. Our consulting and delivery teams work closely with partners and clients to ensure complete success of their IT initiatives.


Often data quality is regarded as a secondary issue in the process of either implementation of an ERP or migration to an ERP from a legacy system. Data quality can single handedly determine the success of an ecommerce initiative.
Take the examples of MRO materials. Having the right MRO materials on hand is critical in ensuring smooth keep-up of asset-intensive operations. At the same time, MRO materials are a major expense for owner & operators. A typical industrial plant can require thousands of different items, from hundreds of different suppliers and distributors. EAM and ERP systems enable the processes involved in finding, ordering, storing, and disbursing critical MRO parts and consumables.
Enterprise data is becoming increasingly critical. This data which can include product, customer, financial, supplier data, and more – must be available to move outside the enterprise to be used by buyers and suppliers across multiple locations, between systems in order to derive higher ROIs from existing systems. This movement of enterprise data implies that it must be understood and employed by users and systems the way they want it, not necessarily the way it is.
Think about it. The quality of data affects the entire process:

Findability: Being able to find data with ease leads to quicker user adoption. If the users can’t find the products, they can’t request or purchase the products.
Verifiability: The accuracy of product information and prices is an important requirement for procurement. It must be up-to-date and accurate.
Maintainability: Data maintenance is complex, and solutions for keeping the catalog updated promote a healthy and robust e-commerce system.

Grihasoft is in the business of helping its clients to achieve high standards of data quality. Talk to us know how you could benefit from our data quality expertise.