Grihasoft launches data management services for Plant Maintenance

Friday, January 13th, 2012

Grihasoft today announced the launch of a new service, Data management for Industrial Plant Maintenance, under the leadership of Mr.Raju Ramaswami, ex-MD of Hofincons Infotech and Industrial Services. This is designed to deliver value to clients who wish to realize the full potential of their EAM systems. This new service offering from Grihasoft will enable cost-effective, reliable and intelligent management of plant maintenance information.

Typically Industrial plants are faced with a growing backlog of un-posted work orders into their CMMS / EAM systems. The requirements needed to keep the newly developed database maintained with the latest system changes are frequently underestimated. The timeliness and accuracy of this data is a critical requirement to the cost-justifying applications.

“Grihasoft has been quite a well known data management outsourcing provider for many global clients” said Mr.Raju Ramaswami. “The same concept of outsourcing is an alternate approach for plants trying to reduce data maintenance costs, increases the reliability of their databases, and accelerates the speed with which decisions can be made”. On client request, Griha can also add special inputs on the plant and equipment performance or specific Key Performance Indicators.

“We shall be providing four types of critical support. These are Asset management strategy build, Migration support, Periodic audits and Day-to-day upkeep of data. Data maintenance is one of the first and easiest functions plants can outsource. Compared to in-house solutions, outsourcing makes real costs to decline, and information accuracy and timeliness to increase” he added.

About Mr.Raju Ramaswami

Mr.Raju Ramswami, alumnus of the University of Madras has been the Managing Director at Hofincons Infotech and Industrial Services where he served for several years contributing to its growth and pioneered many of its service offerings. He served as Maintenance Manager at Madras Fertilizers and Planning Engineer at Babcock and Wilcox India during earlier part of his career.

Mr.Raju Ramswami is now an Advisor to Grihasoft, guiding Grihasoft in its newly ventured service area of Plant Maintenance Data Services.

About Grihasoft

Grihasoft is one of India’s leading companies providing Product Data Services to many global clients. Grihasoft provide Classification (UNSPSC, [email protected], SIC, etc), Item Master Data Cleansing, Data Enhancement and Spend Analysis etc which helps eProcurement/Supply Chain/Material Management. Grihasoft serve many global clients across US, UK, Middle East, South Africa and Australian markets.

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