Grihasoft heads “Healthcare/Life Sciences Content Standardization Council” of ECCMA

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

Bethlehem, PA, April 2009 : ECCMA has assigned Grihasoft with the responsibility of leading the chair of HLS-CSC (Healthcare/Life Sciences Content Standardization Council). A press release was issued by ECCMA to inform its audience in its April 2009 Newsletter. The transcript of the release is reproduced below.

“Grihasoft has requested that ECCMA form a Healthcare and Life Sciences Content Standardization Council and has agreed to lead the council. Content Standardization Councils are responsible for the development and registration of generic industry Identification Guides. Their first step is ensuring that the eOTD contains the necessary concepts and terminology. As a content standardization council they are authorized to add the concepts and terminology they need to the eOTD if they can not identify an existing source.

The purpose of the eOTD is to issue public domain concept identifiers and to map concepts and terminology from multiple sources and across multiple domains. If the terminology is in the public domain then anyone can provide the council with a copy and request that it is added to the eOTD. The council works with our R&D office to create the upload format, we also contact the original publisher to ensure that the references are correct and we ask if they would like to add specific hyperlinks. The original publishers see significant benefit in having their terminology listed in the eOTD and the hyperlink is how the eOTD promotes the source of the terminology. In cases where the terminology is proprietary we contact the publisher before including the terminology in the eOTD. In the rare instances where permission is denied then it is the responsibility of the council to develop the necessary terms and definitions needed.

There are many healthcare and life science dictionaries and it is not the intention of ECCMA to recreate these but rather to include them in the eOTD as appropriate and reference their source. If you use a published classification, dictionary of lexicon or if you have developed your own and would like it included in the eOTD, please advise Krishna.

While Krishna Shastry will be leading the council and overseeing its work, Bern Werner a longtime Director of ECCMA, will be helping to promote the council and reporting to the ECCMA Board of Directors on its progress. If anyone would like to join the council, please contact Mr. Shastry at [email protected]

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