Adc Adaco is the global leader in purchasing and operation control solution for hospitality industry. Adaco’s products are trusted in 54 countries by world’s leading organizations including Marriott, Starwood, Loews, Fairmont, Ritz Carlton and Jumeirah. Adaco is very passionate about serving its customers and it strives to exceed customer’s expectations in each and every interaction.
l-blk Blink Consulting is a premier Consulting and Technology company that helps Organizations achieve Business Goals while maximizing value from their Investments. The Blink Consulting Delivery Methodology incorporates an approach based on People, Process, and Technology. This Methodology provides the framework required for robust delivery of solutions while accommodating the flexible requirements of the clients. Blink offers services across a multi-disciplinary footprint and has capabilities of delivering solutions using its BestShore© model. Blink Consulting was established in 2005 and continues to serve growing list of clients across various industries.
l-silver Silver Creek Systems® is a pioneer and leader in Product Data Solutions. Our patented semantic technology enables automation of complex data services for reliable product data integration and sharing across the Information Supply Chains that connect enterprise systems, customers, suppliers and partners.
l-parts PartsRiver-SAQQARA stands alone in being able to provide both the expertise, infrastructure technologies and data services designed specifically to address, deploy and execute data quality management for Buyers, Suppliers and Providers in the parts supply chain.
l-alm Almarai is the largest integrated dairy foods company in the world. The company was established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1976 as a partnership between the Irish agri-foods pioneer Alastair McGuckian and his brother Paddy, and HH Prince Sultan bin Mohammed bin Saud Al Kabeer. The company’s network extends throughout the Arabian Peninsula, leading and influencing the agricultural dairy processing and food distribution industries. Today, Almarai enjoys a strong equity and a dominant status in the Saudi and the Gulf markets with its range of dairy, food and beverage products.
l-str Stratum Consulting Partners is a leading professional services firm delivering EAM design and implementation solutions. Stratum provides a broad suite of services to ensure that clients successfully unlock the value of their EAM software systems. Stratum’s proven success is built on a unique and proprietary services offering that combines Best Practices, EAM Technology and Performance Management, enabling assessment, execution and monitoring of comprehensive asset management improvements.
l-tej Tejari is the world-class Business to Business (B2B) Marketplace, connecting companies to buy and sell goods and services online. Find, list, compare and procure products and services from the familiarity and convenience of your desktop Internet browser.
l-supp Supplier Solutions is a leader in providing supplier enablement solutions for small, medium and Fortune 500 businesses. Our Ready-to-Run applications connect suppliers with Enterprise Buyers quickly and cost effectively, providing PunchOut, RoundTrip, and TapOut integration in the core components. We connect suppliers to Buyers utilizing Ariba PunchOut, SAP Roundtrip, Epicor TapOut, B2GNow Roundtrip, Oracle PunchOut, PerfectCommerce PunchOut, PurchasePro PunchOut, ReQlogic PunchOut, BirchStreet PunchOut, PeopleSoft Punchout and other eBusiness integration standards.
Harough Harouge Oil Operations (previously “Veba Oil Operations”) is the joint venture operator on behalf of Libya’s National Oil Corporation and Petro-Canada. The Company is engaged in developing and exploiting oil fields located in five contract areas onshore Libya. Harouge’s corporate objectives are to engage safely, responsibly, efficiently and profitably in oil field development and exploitation and to implement the latest technologies available in the development and exploitation of Libya’s natural resources, to the benefit of the country and Harouge’s owners.
 Peak PEAK Industrial Solutions has been providing maintenance solutions to a wide variety of clients, ranging from universities to major hospitals to manufacturing plants (including several Fortune 500 companies) for over 25 years, PEAK’s internationally recognized experts offer comprehensive services to help better manage maintenance processes of enterprises. PEAK closely works with its clients all the way from the initial audit to the final implementation and follow-up. PEAK is a pioneer in innovation. Its leaders developed one of the first PC-based Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) solutions in the early 1980s and a mobile system with bar coding in 1986. PEAK continues its innovation in all facets of maintenance excellence, process flow, planning and scheduling, preventive and predictive maintenance, storeroom, and CMMS and enterprise asset management (EAM).
 AIS Allied International Support is engaged in the tailoring of world class supply chain solutions in the field of defense articles procurement and maintenance. Its mission is to improve the performance of our customers’ supply chain in terms of responsiveness, speed and cost, allowing for better platform reliability and asset availability at lower budgets.AIS has a strong engineering work force that has abundant experience in the defense industry. AIS’s customer service staff contains a mix of nationalities with diverse language skills and defense experience especially in maintenance, repair and support of military fixed and rotor wing aircraft and several other weapon systems.
l-macs MACS works with organisations to improve and support the business processes through the implementation of Maintenance Management, IT Service Management and Time Management. MACS has broad experience of implementing solutions for Maintenance Management and IT Service Management. It works closely with partners such as IBM and Syclo within the European Market, and Kronos in Belgium and the Netherlands. MACS also delivers professional services including consultancy, project management, customer support and training.
l-apt Established in 1989, ACS-Apt Computer Systems Limited has grown from a hardware reseller to the health sector to an integrated solutions provider to both public and private sectors. The company takes pride in delivering high quality solutions based on new and innovative technologies.
l-pro Procurra helps clients enhance procurement processes and efficiency within professional buying organisations. Procurra assists with analysis of spend, deployment and implementation of Procure-to-Pay/eProcurement tools, sourcing and qualification of new suppliers and development of negotiation pipelines to drive savings, cost avoidance and compliance.
Praxma PRAXMA is a premier consulting group dedicated to provide specialized advice for companies to reach Operational Excellence, with special focus on manufacturing, supply chain and business processes, through the creation of innovative ways to increase the value to customers and shareholders via the improvement of the business and/or manufacturing processes, by the use of world class methodologies (Lean, Six Sigma, Problem solving).